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#4 Shopping and Handling Money -

Shopping and Handling Money 

Today Millie is going grocery shopping. Her community offers transportation at reasonable rates (door to door) for those who qualify. Millie shops weekly at the same grocery store. She goes to the service desk and asks if someone is available to help her shop.

“They always have someone to help me,” says Millie. “Doesn’t it make sense that the stores want to help me spend my money?” She gives her list to the helper and follows behind pushing the cart. She plans her trips for days and times when the store traffic is light.

When Millie checks out, she is glad she called her credit company and changed Mildred to “M.” Since she has a long last name, this makes signing easier. She asks the cashier to put her finger at the beginning of the signature line. Discover allows 2 initials to serve as a signature.

When Millie wants to use cash instead of a credit card, she uses a wallet with organizer compartments. Sure it’s possible to fold bills in various ways to identify them by touch (example: the ones in half width), but “it’s a lot easier to carry a wallet that separates them.”

Coin purses are also available with separate compartments. Separate compartments for each denomination are easier than feeling each coin to figure out what it is.

This red money organizer wallet from LSSproducts.com (800-468-4789) has four separate compartments for the one, five, ten, and twenty dollar bills. It also has three separate change purses. The multiple slots can hold a signature guide and a credit card size magnifier.

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