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#5 Handling Money (continued) -

We talked about handling cash and using credit cards. Today I want to continue talking about money related subjects.

Did you know large checks are available from the bank? A check writing guide makes writing a check a lot easier. The LS&S and Maxi aids catalogs carry them.

When Millie wants to double check her bank balance, she used a talking calculator “to make sure the bank hasn’t made a mistake.” By the way, when Millie uses her checkbook, calculator, or anything else, she always returns it to its place. “I save a lot of time keeping everything in its place. Otherwise I have to search and if you are blind, searching is not fun.” All three catalogs sell the talking calculators.

Speaking of money I want to share a story that happened at a low vision conference in Chicago. 600 blind or low vision people attended the national conference, plus guide dogs, plus helpers like me. And can you guess who had a wallet taken? That’s right. Me. I couldn’t believe it. But as the detective said, “Who’s going to rob a person who has a big dog? Blind people are very aware when someone touches them. And besides, I bet you were focused on your mother.”

That incident really shook me. I don’t even know when it happened. Probably in the crowded lobby. In church the next Sunday when we prayed the Lord’s Prayer, I couldn’t finish the prayer and ask for forgiveness for the thief. As happens so often, when the Lord throws me a lemon, I make lemonade out of it by writing. See my devotion, “Need Forgiveness?” on the Devotion  page.

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