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#19 Eye Injections (continued) -

The shots work to stop the growth of new, fragile and often leaky blood vessels. Although there is no cure, the shots can slow the progression of vision loss. The results are not guaranteed, but they worked for Sharron.

But it wasn’t nearly as bad as my imagination. They dilate the eye and deaden it with drops so that all you feel is pressure. You wouldn’t know the needle was coming, if the doctor didn’t tell you. It is all very sterile and takes just a few minutes. Because of the dilation, you need someone to drive you home. 

When the numbness wears off, does your eye hurt?

No. I like to go to a dim or dark spot for a while because lights bother me with dilation. I was helped by an early birthday gift from my daughter.  She gave me an iPod loaded with novels.  I could curl up, eyes shut and enjoy a few chapters. 

How many shots have you had total, Sharron?

I had one shot a month for 9 months.  Then checkups extended the intervals a few weeks at a time. If the checkup shows nothing, no shots. It has now been 6 months since the last shot. 

That sounds fantastic. Did you ever have any problems with the shots? Like side effects.

Only one time. 

What happened?

The next morning my eye was weepy and itching. This had never happened. I called the doctor and he had me come right in. He put ointment in the eye and within minutes everything was cleared up. 

How’s your vision now? Better than before the shots?

My eyes are 100 percent better after the shots. After using the Amsler Chart for several years, I can look at any straight edge and know if it isn’t straight. I mean things like a door facing, and picture frame. After the shots these things just pop out at you.

Sharron, you have made us feel better about the shots. They don’t seem as scary. Any scariness is offset by the advantages. What final words do you have for everyone reading this? 

I’d encourage everyone to use the Amsler chart and with blurry vision, don’t delay. If you see changes in your vision, see your doctor! Timing of treatment is important. We only have one set of eyes!!

Sharron said it best – we only have one set of eyes. With changes in vision, run don’t walk to the eye doctor. If it is macular degeneration, he can’t cure it, but the odds are good he can stop it from getting worse. And it might get better.

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