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#11 Beecher Binoculars -

When Millie isn’t “reading,” (listening to an audio book), she likes to watch TV. Before getting the hands-free Beecher binoculars, if she really wanted to see something on the set, she sat on a chair inches from the screen.

“Now I put on my binoculars, sit on my rocking chair or relax in bed. They are light-weight and come with a case to carry them. You don’t wear them while walking.”

The telescopic lenses focus the central image with the use of prisms to provide vision of items more than 6 feet away.

This means that no matter where Millie sits in church, she can see her preacher. At the theater she can see the faces of the actors.

Like the visual magnifying machine, these binoculars are expensive. At close to $600, it’s best to call the Beecher Company at 1-800-934-8765 and ask for Brent. He can help you find a
dealer who is a low vision expert. This person can advise which model of Beecher binoculars will meet the individual needs. Some fitting is required, and he can help. All this is better than purchasing them directly from a catalog.

If you do purchase directly from a catalog, be sure they can be returned if they don’t work exactly as desired. Note in the policy how many days are available for trial.

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