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#27 – 9 More Ways to Help -

Last time I talked about 9 ways to help someone with low vision or who is blind. Here are 9 more ways.

  1. Millie didn’t have a guide dog. If you are talking to someone with a guide dog, don’t pet it. It’s natural for many people to want to pet a dog, but this dog is constantly working and petting it will be a distraction.

  1. In a dangerous situation say, “Stop” rather than “Look out.”
  2. Either print or type letters to a person with low sight. Even good handwriting is difficult to read magnified 50 times with a visual magnifying machine.
  3. Instead of opening the door for a blind person, lead the way.
  4. When walking with a blind person, tell when you reach steps, a curb, a ramp, or an obstacle.
  5. You might ask the one with low vision if they are familiar with low vision magazines (Resources) with all sorts of helpful items. I’m always amazed how many people are totally unaware of this help, especially the available talking items.
  6. When leaving a low-sighted person, tell them. That way they won’t be left talking to space.
  7. If entertaining someone with low vision, pick up clutter on the floor before they arrive. On arrival, introduce them to those already in the room. Share with them the location of the bathroom, sofa, and available food.
  8. Organizations for the blind can always use financial help.

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