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#73 SYFOVRE eye injections

Syfover is a prescription eye injection used to treat geographic atrophy, the dry advanced form of age-related macular degeneration. This drug is not a cure, but it can slow the progression of retina damage and is administered every 25 to 60 days.

In blogs #18 and #19 I talked about eye injections for wet macular degeneration. The injections sound difficult, but if you read the blog, my friend Sharron shares her experiences. They are not painful or as miserable as you might guess.

This drug is new this year and is the “most important event in retinal ophthalmology in more than a decade”. The safety profile is well demonstrated following 12,000 injections. Here’s the link for more details about the drug:


Here’s another link to YouTube made by Duke Health that explains one patient’s journey with the drug.

There are several other promising treatments still in clinical trials.

Is your dry macular getting close to wet? If you don’t know, ask your ophthalmologist. If it is, why not ask about Syfovre? If this drug can stop the progression of your dry to wet macular, why not give it a chance? The really good news is it is covered by Medicare.

Readers: Do you have experience with this drug? What has happened with your vision as a result?

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