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#63 Derek Daniel and Life After Sight Loss -

I want to share some helpful YouTube videos that are easy to understand & offer lots of information. These YouTubes are videos from Derek Daniel and the channel name is Life After Sight Loss. As he says, “Sight loss isn’t the end, it’s just the beginning.” His videos include product reviews, encouragements, life advice, and how-to’s, and much more.

I learned about Derek and his videos when I visited a low vision support meeting via  Zoom on the East Coast. Talk about an advantage to COVID – Zoom meetings all over the country. The one I have been attending regularly is only audio. No video.

https://www.youtube.com/c/lifeaftersightloss This link will take you to Derek’s videos. He lost his sight within two months. His positive attitude and can-do ways are inspiring in each video. I think you will find these links particularly helpful:

This video is all about the items Derek carries every day to have available to help him do the things he wants to do. He explains the items have changed with advances in technology

This video gives us opinions about using a white cane. What does a white cane mean to you? If you watch this video, be sure to read the comments under it. In fact, reading the comments under each video is helpful. I’m so impressed with these videos, I subscribed to learn when future ones are available.

How Long Will I Struggle With Sight Loss? This one is all about loss and the depression that comes with it. Lots of good insight about feelings that hit us with loss.

Tension Between the Desire for and Fear of Independence
If you fear losing your independence, this YouTube is for you. The desire must be bigger than the fear to move forward. Skill sets mean you learn to do things differently.


Readers: What fears do you face? How do you overcome them?

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