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#58 Grocery Shopping -

In blog #4 (link) I talked about how Millie did her grocery shopping. She would go to the service desk of the store and ask for an assistant to help her shop. Then she handed the store employee her list and she pushed the cart following the assistant. Stores are happy to provide this kind of assistance. As Millie said, “Doesn’t it make sense they want to help me spend my money?”

That was pre-COVID days. I have a new suggestion,  but it will probably require someone with good eyes to help especially the first time.

A neighbor told me how easy it is to shop at Walmart and have them deliver the order. Other stores are offering the same service, but I am so happy with the Walmart way of doing things I haven’t tried the other stores. Their delivery service solves the transportation problem. It costs between $8 and $10 dollars, depending on the time slot you select.  The minimum order is $30. They will deliver the groceries to the front door or else garage door. I have a card table set up to avoid bending so much.

You need a Walmart app. It’s free and the icon looks like this —

If you don’t have a smartphone and use the computer, you can go to the website at www.Walmart.com and place your order.

With the first order, it’s going to take extra time as you learn how to find the items you want. This is where an extra pair of eyes helps. Perhaps you can enlarge your screen enough to place the order yourself.  The second time will be easier because you can click on favorites identified with a heart–things that were on the previous list.

You first click on search and delivery. The middle icon at the bottom of the screen is departments. You can go to the various departments to find your items or you can use the search feature at the top of the screen. The items will pop up. For example, if you type strawberries, frozen and fresh will both appear in various sizes.  When you pick the item you want, you then have to say how many you want. Then you go back to the search line and clear it before putting your next item on the line. I find this easier than figuring out which department I need.

Once you have used this way of shopping, at the end you will see a page that says “You may also like …”  This contains items that were on a previous list but not the current one. Handy reminder.

Next, you select the day you want delivery and pick an available hour.

You will receive an email telling you the last time you can change or add to your order. It’s usually about midnight the night before your delivery will be delivered.

If an item on your list isn’t available, you will be asked via email if you want the substitution they suggest. If you do, nothing is required.

Pay with a credit card. After your order has arrived, you will receive an emailed itemized receipt. This is the only time to tip (online).  No tipping direct to the driver.

Readers, have you used Walmart grocery delivery? If so, tell us about your experience in the response block below.

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