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#55 Be My Eyes Update -

My husband and I haven’t gotten a Be My Eyes call lately. One look at the latest numbers of volunteers explains why. It’s an understatement to say that’s a lot of growth for an app. created in 2015.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s the link to my first blog about this amazing app. (link to number 23) Over three million volunteers give their help to blind and low vision persons who make a phone call and want to see something.

Volunteers — 3,566,807

                             Blind and Low Vision getting help —197,964

Number of countries —  150+

Number of languages — 180+

Because the number of volunteers is so much greater than the number of those seeking help, you don’t have to worry about being swamped with calls. Also, a call for help to see something is transferred to a volunteer in the same time zone and language as the one seeking help. If you don’t answer the call immediately, the call will be transferred to another volunteer.

The last call we got came from a lady who wanted to match the color of her top and a hat. Her first question: “Are you color blind?” When my husband answered no, she was thankful and asked her questions. Each time we receive one of these calls, I don’t know who is more grateful – the one with low vision or the one offering help. It’s a small way to help and so very appreciated.

There is no limit on how often a blind or low vision user can access By My Eyes, and the service is free to use.

Frequent requests include –

  • Finding an object
  • Reading medication labels
  • Locating care instructions on clothes
  • Reading handwriting on paper
  • Reading an expiration date on something in the refrigerator.


Readers: Do you know someone with low vision who is using the app for help seeing? What has been their experience? Have you helped someone using this app?

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