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#51 Yes I Can – Another 25 -

This blog is a continuation of #50. Once again, if you doubt your ability to say, “Yes I Can,” check the number and go back to the blog with the same number.

26. Yes I Can donate old glasses to be given to someone who can’t afford glasses.

27. Yes I Can share with others the ways to help someone who is blind.

28. Yes I Can learn about blogs and websites that deal with low vision. I can tell others about these sites.

29. Yes I Can purchase a cell phone and learn how to use the flashlight on it. I can learn how to use the Be My Eyes app.

30. Yes I Can remind my family and others to protect their eyes with sunglasses.

31.  Yes I Can tell others about facts regarding sunglasses.   

32. Yes I Can use Be My Eyes when I need help. I can encourage those with good vision to be a volunteer.

33. Yes I Can tell those who volunteer not to be disappointed if they don’t get a call right away because there are more volunteers than folks seeking help.

34. Yes I Can tell others about Cocoon Fitover sunglasses. All sunglasses are not the same. Price doesn’t always indicate quality.

35. Yes I Can quote Helen Keller. “Death is no more than passing from one room into another. But there’s a difference for me, you know. Because in that other room I shall be able to see.”

36. Yes I Can use my sense of hearing to locate the toilets, sink, dryers or towels in a public bathroom. I can carry hand sanitizer instead of trying to find the sink.

37. Yes I Can use a shower mat and handrails in my bathroom.

38. Yes I Can investigate the CentraSight implanted telescope if my doctor thinks it will help my vision.

39. Yes I Can investigate bioptic telescopes if my doctor suggests them.

40. Yes I Can find out more about eSight 3 glasses.

41. Yes I Can change negative thoughts to positive ones by learning new ways to do something. I refuse to believe nothing can be done to help my low vision.

42. Yes I Can face my future one day at a time. I do not need to worry about what my future holds because I know my future is in God’s hands. He has helped me in the past, he helped today, and he will continue to help me in the future.

43. Yes I Can learn more about macular degeneration because knowledge is power.

44. Yes I Can learn about Pinterest pins.

45. Yes I Can accept volunteer help when I need it.

46. Yes I Can keep up to date on the newest medications for macular degeneration.

47. Yes I Can be inspired by what some amazing blind people are accomplishing. If they can, so can I.

48. Yes I Can go to a movie or a live theatre production with audio description.

49. Yes I Can confront the skepticism of people who think they know a better solution for how I ought to handle my blindness.

50. Yes I Can review the many ways I can do something that I didn’t think I was capable of.

I hope this list of positive actions encourages those with low vision to try something new. If you have good vision and know someone who has macular degeneration, I hope this list will suggest ways you can help.

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