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#50 Yes I Can Times 25

Blog # 50 is a great time to review previous blogs and remember what can be done to cope with low vision. We begin with blog #1. If you doubt your ability to say, “Yes I Can!” check the number of the item and return to the blog with the same number.

See what it says on this shirt. It belonged to Millie and Yes I Can was the name of a lecture we heard at a low vision conference. It became Millie’s favorite expression every time she doubted her ability to do something. Her positive attitude while handling the challenges of blindness influenced everyone she met. Many of these blogs are based on her life.

1. Yes I Can join a support group. If no support group is available, I can start one with just one other person who has low vision.

2. Yes I Can order low vision catalogs and purchase a talking watch.

3. Yes I Can wear a “I Have Low Vision” button knowing I will receive more help. It’s okay to let others help me.

4. Yes I Can shop and handle money and credit cards.

5. Yes I Can use large checks and a talking calculator

6. Yes I Can regularly check my eyes at home with an Amsler chart and contact the doctor if I see changes.

7.  Yes I Can use a magnifying machine.

8.  Yes I Can get a handicap parking permit for my family and friends to use when I’m with them.

9.  Yes I Can find a volunteer job because I can help others.

10. Yes I Can listen to talking books from the National Library of Congress.

11.  Yes I Can contact a dealer for Beecher Binoculars and see if they help me watch TV.

12. Yes I Can reduce the risk of my eyesight getting worse.

13. Yes I Can learn hints to work in the kitchen.

14. Yes I Can use a speakerphone.

15. Yes I Can call the Systems of Sight number and find out if those glasses would work for me.

16. Yes I Can stay positive while I research possible glasses and devices to help.

17. Yes I Can research websites or else ask someone to help me learn how to surf the web.

18. Yes I Can get eye injections if the doctor tells me they will help my eyes.

19. Yes I Can make a doctor appointment immediately if I have vision changes because I know timing is vital to receive treatment.

20. Yes I Can get details about a clinical trial if my doctor suggests one.

21. Yes I Can research clinical trials myself.

22. Yes I Can remain positive about treatments for both dry and wet macular degeneration knowing the research and trials are ongoing and a cure might be in the near future.

23. Yes I Can call Be My Eyes when I need help to see something that a volunteer can see for me.

24. Yes I Can purchase a white cane and get instructions on how to use it.

25. Yes I Can get help from a visual rehabilitation person, not just with the cane but to learn other ways to better function.


Okay, readers, did this list encourage action? If so, let us know how this list helped. Your encouragement might be just the words someone else needs to hear. Just think – you might help someone who lives a thousand miles away.

Isn’t that a neat feeling?

We’ll cover the second half of the blogs takeaways with blog #51.

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