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#44 5 Pinterest Pins -

Have you tried Pinterest?

Pinterest is a place to share information with others. If you want to save the information, you put “pins” on a board. For example, many have a board for recipes they found and want to keep for future reference. I save pins on a board I call low vision.

I want to share 5 sites that I’ve pinned to my Pinterest board to give you an idea of the information available. If you go to Pinterest, and type in low vision or macular degeneration, lots of pins come up. You click on the pin you want to visit. If you want to save the pin, you start a board and name that board.

To go to the sites I’m talking about, just click on the titles of each section.

E book Readers

This pin is all about E-book readers: what to consider when purchasing one, and the advantages and disadvantages of various models. If you want to make reading easier, this is the pin for you. If you want the info but don’t want to go to Pinterest, go directly to www.webrn  This is a wonderful website filled with lots of info about macular degeneration.

Clinical Trials

This pin from Bright Focus will bring you up to date on clinical trials of drugs for both wet and dry macular degeneration.

Cholesterol Eye Drops

An interesting pin from the Telegraph paper in the United Kingdom about cholesterol drops to decrease the cholesterol in eyes and thereby help eye health. I found the idea interesting and thought others might. Researchers think the same cholesterol-lowering drugs used in the body can work specifically in the eye. Other researchers aren’t so sure. Sounds like more study is needed in this field.

Ezread Electronic Reading Aid

MaxiAids is just one of the low vision catalogs with aids to enhance vision.  This pin describes how the ezread works to put your reading material on the TV. Be sure to go to the bottom of the page to “customers who bought this item also bought” for more helpful items.

American Academy of Ophthalmology

From the American Academy of Ophthalmology, this pin gives good basic information about macular degeneration

I hope these 5 pins help you understand Pinterest and realize the amount of information that can be found there.


Readers, have you tried Pinterest? Any pins you want to share with us?

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