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# 43 – Four Reference Books -

I Googled the words “books about macular degeneration” and discovered some books I hadn’t heard about, plus newer editions of books I had read.

Since I haven’t read all four of these books, I used the reviews to help me decide which books to include in this blog. Some readers found a book helpful while others didn’t think they offered much. If considering a book, you can read reviews on Amazon for yourself. Instead of buying a book, you might check first with your local library to see if they carry it. Large print and audio versions are especially helpful. I didn’t include some books in this list because of the year they were printed or because they were too technical in nature.

These books offer practical help to better live with low vision.

1. Macular Degeneration: The Complete Guide to Saving and Maximizing Your Sight, by Lylas G Mogk and Marja Mogk

2. Out of the Corner of My Eye: Living with Macular Degeneration, by Nicolette P. Ringgold. 2007

“A personal account of sudden vision loss and subsequent adjustment that is full of practical advice and cheerful encouragement, told by an 87-year-old retired college teacher who has maintained her independence and zest for life.”

3. Vision Loss: Strategies for Living with Hope and Independence by Peggy Wolfe. 2014

“Filled with compelling ideas and practical tips, the updated third edition of this book—formerly titled Macular Disease—broadens its scope to offer a positive, take-charge approach to living with declining sight, regardless of the cause.  Featuring photos of special lighting and other aids and insight from the author’s own personal experience with impaired vision, this oversized handbook is ideally formatted for readers with vision loss by employing the use of large print on glare-resistant paper. Offering reassurance, hope, and personal insight, this revised edition contains practical tips for performing daily tasks, descriptions of adaptive strategies, and an expanded section on high-tech assistive technologies. With strong endorsements from medical communities, the book includes an invaluable index and resource list for readers.”

4. Overcoming Macular Degeneration: A Guide to Seeing Beyond the Clouds by Jonathan D. Solomon and Yale Solomon. 2009

“Each year, more than 400,000 Americans are diagnosed with macular degeneration, an age-related, progressive eye disease that immediately raises a fear of total blindness. The good news is: YOU ARE NOT GOING BLIND.”


Readers: Have you read any of these books? If you send us a review. I will include it in the next blog. If you have found a book you think others would benefit from, please send the name. Thanks.

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