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#40 eSight 3 -

Here’s another way someone might cope with macular degeneration. Like the two previous blogs, eSight 3 is about another pair of special glasses.

With a power button on a remote control, the user turns these special glasses on. Then, like a normal pair of glasses, you put the eSight glasses on. With the zoom button, you can magnify up to 24 times. Contrast, color setting, and focus are also controlled with the remote. With the tilt feature, you can use your peripheral vision when the glasses are tilted up.


The glasses, a visor-like headset, are rechargeable and good for eight hours on a single charge.

There are patient stories on the website, success stories of how these “funny looking” glasses allow folks to see things for the first time – like the expressions of the faces of others.

Currently $9,500, these glasses aren’t cheap. That makes it important to try them on and see how they work before purchasing. eSight hubs are places to experiment and see if the glasses will help. If someone has no functional sight at all, there is nothing for the glasses to enhance. If there is nothing to enhance, the glasses will not work. They don’t work for everyone.

Besides the hubs, you can have the glasses sent to you and then have a video chat with a coach who can guide you.

There is a form on the eSight website to find out where a hub is located. Here’s a phone number to find the closest hub or to ask more questions. 1-855-837-4448.

Here are two additional websites with explanations of how the eSight glasses work:



Do you know someone who has these glasses? What do the glasses allow the person to do that they couldn’t before?

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