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#39 Bioptic Telescopes -

What are bioptic telescopes? They are miniature telescopes mounted on glasses that automatically focus for the wearer. They can be prescribed for one or both eyes.

The telescopes can cost over $2,000, depending on which model is purchased. They are lightweight and can be worn all day.

Visit the website to see Ocutech’s complete story and a display of all their available models. https://ocutech.com/about-bioptics/

Here is a picture of just one of the Ocutech products.

More questions? Here are the phone numbers: (919) 967-6460 and (800) 326-6460  Ocutech can provide the name of the closest doctor that prescribes the telescopes. They can not be ordered online. This way the right product is individually professionally prescribed. Because Ocutech offers eight different telescopes, a specialist is needed to determine which one will help the most.

The products help a range of vision loss from mild to moderate. If the vision is 20/200, it’s possible it can be improved to 20/50.

The “Am I a Promising Ocutech Candidate?” video has six questions that can help determine if the bioptic telescope will work for a specific individual.

Here’s the link to the YouTube video

Other videos are available on the website.

Like the implanted telescope in the last blog, this isn’t a cure for macular degeneration but can enhance vision.



Do you or someone you know use the bioptic telescopes? Please share with us what they have allowed the user to do that they were unable to do before the purchase.

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