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#37 – 11 Bathroom Hints -

Last time I talked about the challenges of using a public bathroom. At home, it is easier because you know where the sink is and how it operates. You know where the towel is. You know where the toilet is and how it flushes. You know where the toilet paper is.

Although more familiar, I’d like to suggest 11 hints to make using your bathroom even easier and safer.

1. Think Contrast. If the countertop is white, a colored toothbrush holder with colored toothbrushes will be easier to find. Likewise, a colored soap dish and even colored soap will help.

2. A combination shampoo and conditioner is easiest, but if two separate products are used, get one in a dark bottle and one in a light bottle. This will make them easier to identify.

3. A magnifying mirror helps with applying makeup or shaving.

4. If a white light switch is hard to find on a white wall, get a colored switch plate. An alternative is to put colored tape around the switch.

5. Good lighting will make a difference.

6. Prevent falls with handrails and grab rails for getting in and out of the shower.

7. A non-slip colored shower mat is a must.

8. Not sure if you are wiping yourself clean, try disposable cleansing wipes. It’s better to put them in the trash rather than flushing them.

9. Declutter – both the counter, the cabinet, and the drawers. Pitch the old stuff or anything you haven’t used in a year.

10. Get rid of small slippery rugs in the bathroom to prevent falls.

11. Colored towels that contrast with the walls are easier to find.



Do you have other hints to share?  Thanks ahead of time for your input.

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