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#33 Another Be My Eyes Call -

My husband, Harry, got his first Be My Eyes call. “Gratifying” was the way he described it. After accepting the call, the one with low vision wanted to use a yellow spice.

Harry told her, “The one in your hand is brown.”

She held up another plastic storage container and took off the lid.

“That one is yellow,” Harry said.

“Thank you very much. I can now finish my cooking.”

I don’t know who felt the most joy with the call:

  • the one who asked for help
  • the one who helped
  • me

Click here www.bemyeyes.com if you want to sign up, either to help or receive help. You must have a smartphone (for the camera). The app is free.

Don’t be disappointed if you don’t get a call right away.

So many more volunteers, than those with low vision: 880,625 sighted volunteers and 59,533 low vision users.

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