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#61 Reminders -

Reminder: Be careful! It’s easy to catch your hearing aid on the COVID mask elastic. Either quiet or noisy, we might not realize the hearing aid is gone. I’m thinking about the times when we jump into a hot car, turn the AC on high, and take off our masks. Hearing aids are expensive and we don’t want to lose one or both of them because we’re wearing a mask.

Reminder: If you wear hearing aids, when was the last time you had a tune-up with your audiologist? Every six months is what my hearing specialist recommends. I just had a visit and it was super profitable for a number of reasons. She adjusted the volume a bit to give me better hearing. She changed the wax trap for me which also gave me better hearing.

Another thing that gives me better hearing is a new, improved hearing aid app for my phone. I would not have learned about this app if I had not had the appointment. Here is a picture of what my Signia app looks like.

With this app, I can adjust volume without fiddling with the buttons on the back of my hearing aids. Also, I can connect with the TV streamlining feature with ease and adjust that volume.

My app is for Signia hearing aids but when I googled “hearing aid apps,” some of the responses included apps for Cosco, Phonak, and Resound. If you want to download and learn how to use an app-specific to your hearing aid, the best person to ask would be the audiologist who sold you the hearing aid.

Reminder: Want to go to a support group meeting and meet others with an acoustic neuroma? The online meetings are a big plus of the COVID virus situation. How? With the Zoom meetings, you can sit comfortably at home in one state and visit a support group hundreds of miles away.

If you’re reading this blog because you are adjusting to a new normal (not an acoustic neuroma), the chances are good you can find a support group for your diagnosis. You will be amazed at how helpful they are. Just Google the name of your diagnosis and add the words support group.


The above link will take you to AN support group meetings all over the country. This link comes from the Acoustic Neuroma Association website. All the meetings are currently offered online. Many have caring, sharing, networking, and support as a topic while others have specific topics. You can be in one state and visit a meeting halfway across the country on your computer.

Reminder: Another way of connecting is with the  Acoustic Neuroma Facebook group. You can ask questions. Whether you are pre or post-treatment or wait and watch, you may have the answers to questions of others. Your answers might be just the assurance someone needs.


Readers, if you wear hearing aids, is it time for a tune-up/adjustment?


Guiding Father, help me find the support group meetings you want me to attend. If I can help others, give me the right words. Amen.

The Lord hears his people when they call to him for help. He rescues them from all their troubles. Psalm 34:17

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