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#60 Grocery Shopping

In an earlier blog, I talked about my balance issues when buying groceries. Well, thanks to this COVID virus, I solved this problem. I no longer need meclizine (Antivert) pre-shopping. If you have balance issues, this solution might help you, too.

A vestibular rehabilitation therapist explained why shopping brings on balance troubles. Your eyes are moving up and down and from side to side constantly searching for items on the shelves. The noise and activity in the store, including other shoppers, makes it difficult. In addition to looking for our items, we need to be aware of where other shoppers are and think about social distancing.

A neighbor told me how easy it is to shop at Walmart and have them deliver the order. We both use Walmart, but other stores are offering the same service. You can place an order and pick it up yourself, but for $8 – $10 they will deliver it. If you can afford the delivery, it is worth every penny.  

The easiest way is to use a smartphone. The Walmart app is free and looks like this. If you don’t have a smartphone, the www.Walmart.com website offers the same capability.

Ordering. When you place your first order, it will take extra time as you learn how to find your items. After the first time, you can click on favorites (identified with a heart) and reorder anything you want the next time.

Departments. The departments include fruit & vegetables, beverages, eggs & dairy, meat & seafood, bread & bakery, household essentials, deli, beauty and personal care, alcohol, organic shop, snacks & candy. There are others, too, like clothing, our brands, toys, party supplies & crafts, and baby. You get the idea – everything that you would find in the store you will find on the app. Most of the departments are further divided, like meat has chicken, pork, bacon, etc.

Another way to find an item is to use the search line with the magnifying glass.

Shopping. As you shop, in the bottom lower right corner you will see a running total of how much the items cost. When you go to check out, a page comes up that says, “You may also like.” This contains items from your previous list that aren’t on the current list. Good reminders!

Next, you pick the day you either want delivery or will pick up. In hour time slots, you pick an available one. What’s really convenient, you can add to your list as you remember something. You can do this up to the order cutoff time shown in the app. Only one change of delivery date and time is allowed.

Substitutions. If an item isn’t available, they ask you (via email) if you want the substitution they suggest. If you do, nothing is required. If you don’t, you say so.

How to pay. Click on Checkout, add any suggested item; click on Continue, choose your delivery time from hours available; click on Continue and enter your payment method; click on Continue and decide which items you are willing to have substitutes for if they are out of stock; Review your order and tell them where you want delivery and how you want progress reports made; click place order.

You’ll receive a confirmation number and the time after which you can no longer add items or delete items.

After your order has arrived, you will get a confirmation email with an itemized receipt. They will ask if you were satisfied with everything. Also, this is the only time to tip. You do not tip the driver in person.

Have fun.


Readers, have you tried this unique way of getting groceries?


Lord, Give me the courage to try new ways of doing things. Thank you for friends who can help with suggestions. Amen.  

The Lord helps the fallen and lifts up those bent beneath their loads. Psalm 145:14

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