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#56 11 Reasons to Try Chair Yoga -

In blog # 43 Improving Balance (link) I asked if anyone had ever tried yoga to improve balance. Thanks to my new chair yoga class, I can answer that question now. Yes. Yoga does improve balance. I recently tried chair yoga and am amazed at how much more balanced I feel.

        1. Improves balance. I was fearful of poses with regular yoga, thinking I might fall. In chair yoga, even during the standing exercises, you can hold onto the chair as needed.

        2. Exercise strengthens muscles. Chair yoga exercises strengthens the muscles – all of them.

        3. Besides improving muscle tone, deep breathing is another benefit.

        4. Deep breathing can reduce stress.

        5. A reduction in stress can lead to better sleep.

        6. A sense of well-being.

        7. Lower blood pressure.

        8. Better circulation with improved mental clarity.

        9. It can be a way of meeting new people. With a loss of hearing, we can start to avoid situations and feel isolated.

        10. For those of us with hearing issues, yoga is a great exercise because the environment is quiet. We don’t have to worry about background noise.

        11. Better posture.

Various yoga classes are led in different ways. If you try a class and don’t care for something (like the temperature of the room, possibly music in the background), try a different class. YouTube videos are another way to try chair yoga.

The exercises shouldn’t hurt. Follow the instructor as able. If certain movements hurt, either quit or do them in a modified way that doesn’t hurt. It should not hurt.


Readers: Have you ever tried yoga? If not, why not? No need to shy away from yoga because of pictures of some poses you have seen.


Dear God, Thank you for the courage to try chair yoga. Help me to continue to try new activities. Help me select which activities to try. I want to challange myself. Thank you for your help. Amen.

Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord is the one who goes before you. He will be with you; he will neither fail nor forsake you. Deuteronomy 31:8

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