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#50 Closed Captioning (CC) at the Movies -

My husband and I went to the movies and they offered closed captioning glasses!  A friend had told me about them and how they worked. Have you heard about this? Tried it? The words show as if they were on the screen, but they aren’t. They are in the glasses. This means you are the only one to see the words.  

At first the words jumped around. At that point, I wasn’t too sure I liked them. Finally, I realized my head movements caused the jumps. When I kept my head still, the words didn’t move. Problem solved.

If you enjoy movies, ask if the show you want to see offers closed captioning. Not all shows have this. Not all theaters have this. The movie ads show CC or Closed Captioning if it’s available.

No charge. My theatre had them at the ticket desk beside the snacks. It was my first time to use them, so the ticket agent explained how to use them. Simple. Just put them on. I wear Fitovers for sunglasses, so I knew how to put the closed captioning glasses on top of my regular glasses.

In some theaters the closed captioning devices are hand-held or clip onto the drink holder instead of in the glasses.

You can adjust the level of the words higher or lower with a simple switch. You can also adjust the brightness of the text.

The voices in the movie we watched were easy to understand except for one part when a group was singing. I didn’t catch all the words. It was wonderful to look at the closed captioning and not miss them. By the way, the name of the movie was Breakthrough. I recommend it, but be prepared – bring Kleenex.

Speaking of closed captioning, my TV connection to go with my Signia hearing aids works. I don’t need the closed captioning on the TV as much as before I got the device. I go to the “my control” app for the Signia hearing aids on my phone. After clicking it open, there’s a little red box (see picture). I click on it. The box turns white and is enclosed in a red circle. That indicates I can use the app to increase or decrease the TV volume to my hearing aids. 


Readers, have you tried the closed captioning in movie theaters. What did you think?


Dear Jesus, Help me to ask for the closed- captioning glasses and not be shy about using whatever helps me to hear better. Amen.

Praise the Lord. Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever.   Psalm 106:1

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