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#44 Signia Hearing Aids -

Remember when I talked about my Phonak Cros hearing aids in blog # 37 ? I purchased those aids in 2012. Recently I went to a support group meeting and learned a lot about upgrades that have happened in 6 years.  

Technology is making huge progress with hearing! After the support group meeting, I immediately made an appointment with my audiologist. When she confirmed what I had heard at the meeting, I bought a new pair of Signia Cros hearing aids made by Siemens. And they have some mighty neat features for both iOS and Android phones.

  • We no longer require the closed captioning on the TV. I can adjust the volume of my hearing aids with the use of my phone! The only time I have needed the closed captioning is when a show’s actors had heavy accents. This also means I can mute the TV, sit, and read next to my husband while he watches sports. Happily, he no longer needs to take the captioning off when we switch from a show to a sports channel.
  • Another advantage of the new aids is battery length. Instead of three days, the new aids usually last five days.
  • The new aids have 3 settings (on the phone): Universal, Noisy Environment, and Stroll. The Noisy Environment reduces background noise – not totally, but a whole lot more than my old aids did.
  • With the Universal setting, I can use something called the Spatial Configurator which focuses the aids in the direction I need most for better hearing.
  • The Stroll setting works well in the car.
  • With all 3 settings, I can easily raise or lower the volume by sliding the control on the app from 1 thru 15. No more fiddling with the aids themselves.
  • I suffer from hyperacusis. This means a reduced tolerance and increased sensitivity to loud noises. It has always seemed strange to me that someone with no hearing in one ear can suffer from this, but that’s the way it is. Loud noises affect my balance and cause havoc with my head. My wonderful audiologist set a top limit for the aids. This means when a sound comes in, it won’t ever be higher than that limit.


Readers: Have you avoided getting hearing aids? What’s the worst that can happen? All hearing aids come with a trial period.


Dear Jesus,

Thank you for the timing of the support group. Thank you for those who shared information about newer hearing aids.Thank you for the research and technology that’s producing better hearing aids.

Most of all, thank you for hearing our cries for help. Amen.

The eyes of the Lord watch over those who do right; his ears are open to their cries for help. Psalm 34:15

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