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#42 Treatment of Depression -

I mentioned in the last blog the first step in the treatment of depression involves a study of what is causing the depression. If the cause can be determined, then the treatment can be specific.

For acoustic neuroma patients, treatments might include:

  • Sound therapy. Sound therapy is one of the suggestions if tinnitus is the source of depression. Other relief ideas can be found on the link: https://www.ata.org/managing-your-tinnitus/treatment-options  This link is for the American Tinnitus Association with a reminder that no cure has been found for tinnitus – yet! I remind you that surgery doesn’t eliminate tinnitus; in fact, sometimes it gets worse after surgery.
  • Vestibular rehab. If balance problems create depression, balance rehabilitation therapy can help. I know because I tried it. In the grocery store with a long list, I often felt miserable, lightheaded, dizzy and very ready for a nap. My rehab tech said the grocery store means lots of eye motion, in addition to the body movements. Her solution – a big letter “X” on a piece of paper about 8 inches square. I looked at that and thought how can this help? But it did! She had me focus on the X while she moved the paper back and forth, then up and down.
  • Hearing aids. Maybe it’s time to test some hearing aids and see if they help. If hearing can be improved and if this is the cause of depression, why not get the aids? What’s the worst that can happen?
  • Medical Help. Is it time to return to the surgeon or radiologist and ask for help or medications to reduce the headaches? 
  • Counseling. If depression continues to get worse, it might be time to get help from a counselor. Like every other profession, there are good (helpful) and there are not so good (not helpful) counselors. Someone in your support group might know a helpful counselor. A pastor might know someone. The pastor himself might be able to help.
  • Medications can help. The trouble here is that so many of the meds for depression have lousy side effects. If your doctor prescribes a med and the side effects are worse than the depression, talk to the doctor again instead of just stopping the drug. In fact, some of the drugs have serious symptoms if suddenly stopped. Just because one drug didn’t help and had undesirable side effects, doesn’t mean another drug won’t help. One thing to remember is that some antidepressants take a few weeks to work.
  • Sleep. Would more sleep or naps help?


Readers, if you experienced depression, what helped?



I feel miserable. I don’t know where or what to do for help. Please guide me in finding good help. Amen.

Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.  Matthew 11:28

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