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#35 Single Sided Deafness -

My hearing hasn’t returned. As a result, hearing loss on one side is a part of A New Me.

The challenges of loss of hearing on one side are “interesting.” It’s different when one ear is out of order. Does it matter? God designed us with two ears. Do we really need both ears? Well, consider these situations.

  • The phone rings. No problem if you know where the phone is located. If not, you can find yourself running around in circles looking for it. With single-sided deafness, it’s a real challenge to locate the sound. Your brain knows which direction a sound is coming from by which ear receives the sound first. If you only hear from one ear, where did the sound originate? Usually, by the time I find my phone, it has stopped ringing. The solution to this, of course, is to know where you put your phone.
  • Crossing the street. You don’t hear traffic on your deaf side. The solution to this one is to remember what you learned as a kid – “Look both ways before crossing the street.”
  • With someone whose voice is soft, face them directly to best hear. Also, think how to position yourself, everywhere!!. At a restaurant, I ask for their quietest table (one that isn’t under loud music). Usually, the quietest table is in the corner. I try to sit with my back to a wall. I often sit at the corner of the table with my deaf ear out into space and my hearing ear next to the person next to me or at least facing the rest of the table. In other words, I position myself to make sure people are on my good side.
  • At home when I call, “Where are you?”, my husband knows replying “in here” doesn’t help. I don’t know where “here” is. I need a very specific answer. His answer, “In the bedroom” doesn’t help either. I still don’t know which bedroom.
  • In a classroom or social situation, I position myself on the far right-hand side of the room. This way my good ear (the left) faces the rest of the room. My bad ear faces the wall or window. Also, sitting in the front of the classroom helps. Sometimes, this involves planning to arrive early.
  • When I’m walking with someone, I make sure they are on my good side, for me that means on the left.

Folks will say, “You have two ears. What’s the difference?” And I used to think one ear was enough, but soon realized I missed too many words.

I’m sure everyone got tired of me asking, “What? Huh?” So, I started to think about hearing aids. Would they help?


Readers, what hints would you add to this list? If you have a hint, please put it in the reply box down below.


Dear God,

Please help me in my research of hearing aids. I need help making a decision about this. Everyone in my support group agrees they help. They don’t seem to agree about which model to purchase.

With or without hearing aids, I pray I hear what is necessary for me to hear. Most of all I pray I hear your directions and feel your nudges. Amen. 

You made all the delicate inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb. Psalm 139:13

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