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#18 Worry versus Trust -

I don’t want to worry myself sick about this. When will I learn not to fret and worry about tomorrow? Or this evening? Or this afternoon? Or the next hour? I seem to find more things to worry about than ever before. I especially worry about whether or not my tumor is growing? If it is, I will need treatment for sure. Would treatment help me keep my good hearing? Where do I get treatment? When?


I pray about something, like energy for a meeting. That happens. Then I worry about the next thing. I really am learning to trust more with the little stuff. Besides, one study I read about worry indicated that 85% of what we worry about never happens. So why worry when we can pray and give it all to God – with trust?

Cast Out Fear is a devotion The Upper Room published in December 2014. At the time I wrote that devotion, my biggest worry was the results of a mammogram. My mother died of breast cancer. Usually I can put those worries out of my mind, but not the week of the mammogram.


Readers: What do you worry about the most?


Dear God,

I want to put my health in your hands. You created me. You can fix me. With trust, I don’t need to be a worrywart. Either I trust you or I don’t. That’s a choice you give me. I want to follow your will, always. Help my worries to turn into trust. Help my worries to lead me to take action if you want me to take an action.

Forgive me when I stress over things instead of bringing them to you in prayer. Forgive me when my prayers are so one-sided, with me doing all the talking. Sometimes I can’t be still even for a few minutes to listen for your voice and guidance. Amen.

So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today. Matthew 6:34

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