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# 13 Doctor (specialist) -

Another doctor appointment. It seems like doctor appointments are a way of life right now.

I wrote down all the questions I could think of for this appointment. Right there is a problem. What if I’m not thinking of the very question that might help the most?

Surgeons insist surgery is the cure for acoustic neuromas. Radiation specialists say radiation is the treatment of choice.

I am thankful Harry will be with me to take notes. A second pair of ears is always helpful at a doctor’s appointment!!! When the doctor says something that freaks me out, I know I miss the next things he talks about. Harry will be there to listen and catch what I miss.


Guiding Father,

Keep me calm so I can listen. Help me to not comment and interrupt. Help me to absorb what I need to hear and to forget the rest.

I pray for wisdom for the doctor. Help him find the words that will offer direction for me. Help him to speak to me as he would to a relative. Help him to see me as a scared patient, one who would rather not be there, but has to be. If he doesn’t know the answer, help him to say so.

I thank you that you have all the answers. You can use the doctor to give me answers about treatment. Amen.

… Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world. John 16:33

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