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#11 Support Group -

I am so thankful I went to the support group meeting. I really dreaded going, but felt a nudge that it was the thing to do. I thought everyone would be moaning and groaning about how rough and tough life has been. Not so. It lifted my spirits to meet these people. They care about the “newbies” and want to share their knowledge to help others.

Some of the group haven’t had treatment. Others had had various kinds of surgery and radiation all over the country. I felt loved by these strangers who became instant friends. We share a common diagnosis.

God really knows where we are every moment of our lives. Whether we are a Christian or not, he directs us to be at the exact spot to talk to the exact people he wants us to talk to.

On the page with devotions, you might want to check out “A Walk to The Library.”  This devotion was first published in Gary Chapman’s Love is a Verb, and relates my story about being in the exact spot at the exact time God wanted me to be. I was available to a man in tears who needed someone (even a stranger) to listen to him.


Readers: Have you  ever been to a support group? Did it help? How? If willing to share your experiences, tell us what happened in the reply box.



Dear God,

You have a plan for me and it includes who I talk to, where I go, when I go, and what I hear from others. It all has a purpose.

Forgive me when I don’t hear your nudges. Forgive me when I choose to ignore your nudges. Amen. 

You chart the path ahead of me and tell me where
to stop and rest. Every moment you know where I am. Psalm 139:3

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